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‘Little Apples Academy is a caring, friendly and nurturing environment where our daughter Kate has thrived and grown in confidence. Sara, Maria and all rest of the Little Apples Team are very gentle, patient and approachable.  The children come first in all that they do. Great attention is given to providing top class facilities in the Montessori classrooms with a lovely garden area for outside play. Creative and fun-filled themes and activities mean that the little ones are never bored, they learn at their own pace and are given lots of loving support and encouragement along the way.’  ———  Cathy

‘Our two children have attended Little Apples since it opened and we cant speak highly enough of it. The atmosphere and staff are so amazing, they always greet both you and the children with a big smile, knowing all their names, likes and dislikes. The quality of care is something that I have never seen before, each child is treated like family. Both of my children love to go to Montessori every day, and they come back telling us lots of fun and educational stories.  Its giving them both a great experience of education and a great start in life. The Little Apples ethos has created a very special place for our children.’ ———  Sarah

'I am delighted to have my son (aged 2) in Little Apples Academy. The whole team there are highly experienced and dedicated to providing a positive learning experience - they inspire so much confidence.  From the moment you walk in the door there is a warm, fun and comfortable atmosphere. The facilities are also excellent.  I can't recommend it enough.' ———  Andrea

‘Little Apples Academy is such a fantastic creche.  The minute you walk in the gates you are great by fun, yet beautiful pencil gates and a boat for the children to play in.  The you walk in the main door to the fabulous Georgian house and are greeted by the loveliest team.  They know every child that comes through the door and greet them all personally. Straight away the children are at ease and happily go to their various rooms.  My little one is thrilled to be a Little Apple.  It is really giving her the best start to her education life.’  ––––– Catherine

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